Less Than A Week

I was thrilled with the price that you achieved for my home, and with the prospect of bridging finance looming over me, to have my house go “under-contract” in less than a week was a dream come true.

- Melissa S.

It's Not A Problem

I have always been scared at the prospect of buying and selling with all the settlement nightmares, but Didier made sure all parties involved were informed, happy and calm. Our sincerest thanks to Didier for making our dream a reality and all with a casual “its not a problem approach”.

- Zoe M.

Three Offers

The result couldn’t have been better, one open inspection, three offers and ultimately a sale well above the price we expected or asked for.

- Lisa H.

Sale Advantage

After interviewing many agents from well-known companies, preaching doom and gloom of a “difficult market” it was a breath of fresh air to listen to one agent who was confident of the market and very positive about achieving a better than average result for us.

Given that he was suggesting prices well above other agents, we asked if he was simply buying our business. Didier was immediately able to show other properties he had recently sold in our area and clearly highlighted the differences between them and our property of comparable value to these.

No “Hair Brained, Newfangled”, Americanised marketing strategies or tricks here, just time tested, open, honest, professional, respectful business.

Our satisfaction with Didier can only be described as the ultimate choice of which we will be sure to appoint for future purchases / sales.

In our opinion, all agents’ fees are all pretty similar and actually insignificant in the whole value of a home whereas the outcome can be vastly different.
Our fees were basically free as they were far less than the sale advantage he achieved for us.

- Brett W>